How Much Do Ghostwriters Charge In UK

For those who have embarked their journey in the Publications and Writing industry would certainly be aware of terms that are unknown to many. One of the most prevalent yet oblivious occupations in the world today is that of a ghostwriter. These aspiring and ambitious writers devote their intellectual skills in entailing content for numerous websites, blog pages, marketing campaigns, and even E-books.

Upon the release of payment from the client, the writer forwards the task in accordance to the pre-set criteria. In light of this context, the statistical data apprehends that the publishing industry of the UK has driven £6.9 Billion sales in 2019. And the number seems to flourish year after year. To gain a complete insight of how much do ghostwriters charge in UK, keep scrolling your screen.

How to Find the Best Ghostwriter in UK

Ghostwriters invest their writing skills for another person that could be a reputable client or a company. Amid a highly competitive and dynamic environment, there is an array of options like; creative writers, content writers, book writers, technical writers and a few more. If you are working under a digital agency that serves as a writing service, you are indirectly acclaimed as a ghostwriter because you are being paid for your work.

For such consultancies and agencies, it may be a challenging task to hire ghostwriters. In fact, the real scenario begins after hiring when you, being the employer can closely scrutinize their work, and other personality attributes. To make it easy for you, here are some pivotal pointers to be mindful of when you are in the process of adding a new ghostwriter to the team.


Dedication and devotion are two elements that massively contribute in an individual’s performance. If the writer you are opting for is ambitious and passionate about their work, you may find the one you are looking for. This also affects the work attitude. For instance, you are in need of 10,000 words blog pages in two days, and the average word count of that person is 3000. While many would object in this regard, the dedicated one would wholeheartedly take the challenge.


If you surf the web you will easily come across writers with experiences of up to five and ten years. The more experienced the writer is, the better will that individual turn out to be with your dealings. On another dimension, a highly proficient writer will demand more money based on their capabilities and indulgence in work.

Flexible and responsive

While they are in contract with a specific client, what most writers do is they keep procrastinating tasks and in most cases, they don’t proofread or respond back to revert the errors. As much as unprofessional this is, several agencies suffer due to this. So before you include a resource in your group, make sure they are available for you whenever you need them.

The Average Ghostwriting Charges In the UK

As discussed before, the ghostwriting charges vary on the basis of what they are working for because it’s not just one area they work for. For understanding this better, keep reading.

Ghostwriters for Ebooks

Based on different genres and word count, E-book ghostwriters charge differently. These writers take projects for fiction, non-fiction and other types of E-books. The following will give you a quick gist to help you plan a budget.

  • For a 200 to 300 pages book, you can expect to pay anywhere within £8500 to £10,000
  • In comparison, a ghostwriter would demand £5000 to £8000 for a 80 to 100 pages book

Ghostwriters for Blogs

Another way for hiring ghostwriters is for your blog. This could be either for your personal page or a company who is in need of on-site blogs. Since most businesses outsource their publication domain, the demand of ghostwriters has magnified. Here are some cost variations.

  • Blogs are based on word count. So if you want a 1500 words blog, you can set a budget of £500 to £800
  • The basic range of pay rate per word in the UK is within £0.80 to £1.5

Ghostwriters for Music Lyrics and scripts

Many musicians charge on the basis of lines, and stanzas. If you are a band who is looking for zealous and dedicated music writers, you can seek them on the web. Similarly, you can look for creative script writers. However, before you choose one go through the following rates.

  • For an entire song the rate charged by ghostwriters can be £50 to £500
  • To prepare a proper manuscript, these writers may charge within the bracket of £300 to 2000

Types of Ghostwriting Charges

Ghostwriting charges are not constant for everyone. It’s not always about the region you reside in but there are numerous factors that influence the criteria of a writer’s payment method. In case you are hiring a ghostwriter, you should be aware of distinctive ways through which writers are charged.

Research charges

It is certain that whether the ghostwriter is hired for blogs, or books, research is inevitable. At times it is not only about a random piece of content that is based on experiences. To go ahead of this, there are write-ups that require immense time and effort with searches on the web. Therefore many writers demand separate charges. The average rate of research based on the per hour criteria is £70 to £300 for a project that actually costs £2200.

Preparation charges

This domain varies on the grounds of the nature of a project. While most writing tasks do not require preparation charges for proposals, others do. And this mostly depends on the experience of the writer, as well as prior requisite. Approximately, a ghostwriter would charge £70 to £180 per hour if the cost of the total project is £2200. So before you finalize the cost, make sure to be well aware about the requirement. If your task does not demand any special preparation then there is no need to pay this amount.

Experience based charges

Writers who have a broad experience in the field are fortunate because they will get what they demand for. It is because the industry is rising and companies of all sorts and scales are frequently hiring ghostwriters. To elaborate this further, the costing certainly varies. To begin with a professional ghostwriter, you can explicitly keep a budget of six to seven figures in mind. Yes, it is that huge! A middle level writer would ask for £10,000 to £72000. As long as cheap writers are concerned, on an entry-level you can expect to pay them £1000 to £10,000, depending on the size of your project.

Per word charges

Like many projects are straightforward with a number of pages, others emphasize word count. This is why you will come across a common query regarding the pay per word. In the UK, ghostwriters who charge total cost based on words are £1 to £1.5. This may significantly depend on the experience. You can pay a low amount to a ghostwriter who does not acquire any experience of digital marketing and basic writing tools.

Per page charges

This section is not as common as the pay regarding words. However, some writers also shed light on font size, style, margins, and line spacing. It is because these writing elements do play a measurable role, influencing total charges. As an example, if you have a task to fulfill about 250 words per page, the proficient and skillful writers would demand £90 to £360 per page.

Ghost Writing Contracts

While most writers are not aware, some are extremely vigilant when it comes to how the industry works. For this reason, a lot of ghostwriters as well as the hiring agencies need to establish a lawful contract and agreement to respect the two parties. So before you go ahead in this ride, get yourself notified to extract the true means of the ghostwriting industry.

1. Confidentiality

While most ghostwriters do not fully understand this, it is imperative to understand that one cannot circulate work done under another client.

2. Number of revisions

Before signing for a contract, you and the writer need to decide how many revisions would be fair for the two entities.

3. Setting deadlines

Punctuality is the key to success. It is the foremost area you need to decide. For instance, if you expect to receive a 3000 word count within 8 hours, then it should be understood by both the writer and the company.

4. Method of payment

Before accepting or delivering the contract, mode of payment should be finalized. This turns out to be secure for both the parties, with a sense of guarantee.


On what basis can you hire a ghostwriter in the UK?

The level of ghostwriters varies based on their experience. Since writers are already in high demand, you can hire an entry level professional scale writer.

Can ghostwriters in the UK be hired for short term?

It depends on the contract signed between the recruiter and the writer. Some projects are long term others are short-term.

What is the average cost charged by ghostwriters in the UK?

The scale is vast and distinctive. The cost charged by ghostwriters can be anywhere between, £10,000 to £70,000.

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