How Much Does It Cost To Self-Publish A Book As of 2021

One of the most satisfying things you will do in life is to write and publish a book. You produce something unique and special as a writer that will be loved forever by readers. But after you finish writing, you might be curious about how to get your book out into the marketplace, and even more importantly, how much is it going to cost to publish?

Fortunately, we are dedicated to answering this query. Here we have broken down the cost of self-publishing by service form and standard, so you can understand precisely what you get for your money.

How much cost?

The cost of writing a book depends

  • The length of the book
  • Your desired level of content

Many writers spend $ 2000-$4000 on self-publishing their books, including marketing service, cover design, formatting, and editing.

Of course, if you only want to get your book out there, you can always format it for free and make it available within 72 hours on amazon or kindle self-publishing sites. Writing a book is the best accomplishment for many individuals, and editing is something of a formality.

But, if you wish to potentially market your book, you have little chance of competing with traditionally published books.

Yeah, you can pick and choose which items to display on, but you can’t argue that those aspects are completely important to book sales.

You should get a few different kinds of technical editing, including proofreading, developmental editing, and copy editing. You should have an editorial assessment and work out where you need to change if your book is not yet ready or you can hire e-book writers to help to complete it. In most countries like India, South Africa, UK, Canada, Australia ebook system is prevailed so that not much amount spend on printing the book.

The genre of your book impacts the cost of the book. You would be paid by a development editor and take an in-depth assessment of every aspect of the article. Copy editing, reviewing the mechanics of the prose, is moderately pricey. Proofreading is the process of the least expensive and final check stage of the process. (at a discount rate copy editing, and proofreading can also be combined).


What else drives the expense of editing?

Following things can affects the cost of editing

  • How innovative your document is?
  • The density of your text
  • What level of skill you want

cost 1

Overlook design cost:

We highly recommend hiring a pro designer when you have the opportunity to make your book cover. You want to make sales of your book, and very few people purchase books with amateur covers. In that way, maybe the most significant aspect of this step is finding an accomplished planner.

If you should hire an experienced professional, the more expensive and accurate the design you will get. You will find a skillful beginner may charge less, but for a high-quality book cover template, most writers at least $500.

cost 2

 What more a cover template cost?

  • The design’s complexity and style.
  • The number of rounds performed by the designer
  • Is it a print cover or an eBook?

Formatting cost:

We mean the cost of interior design and typesetting by “formatting cost”. These words are rather interchangeable: it’s the method of placing text on a page. Repeatedly the cost (which we’ll cover in a second) is affected by many factors like:

  • Level of experience
  • Manuscript length
  • Graphical intense of project

cost 3

Marketing cost:

You usually have to sell it to the market after you gave published a book, but that does not mean it has to be costly. Many writers spend in the range of $50-$200, which is a reasonable range for first-timer, on their marketing strategies.

Additional cost

You may even have to pay for ebook delivery. Depending on the path you go down. It’s free to publish your book on Amazon, on kindle, kobo, apple book, etc. if you use different sites, using an aggregator would be useful.

Some of these aggregators are free like Smashwords, dreaft2digital expect royalty percentage they take. Others like BookBaby require a flat fee for most people, which is not worth it, so you can avoid paying for ebook distribution.

Ghostwriters for hire to edit the book charge $50-$100 per hour, whereas writers can expect to pay an average of $24 for developmental editing for every 1000 words, for copy editing $15-$20, and for proofreading $10-$15. More experienced authors are investing several thousand dollars in self-publishing facilities, according to book marketing

Finally, at self-publishing school, Scott Allan explains that writers can spend less than $1000 or up to $20000.

“The more you invest, the greater your book comes out in the market.”

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